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Life in Color

Color itself has always intrigued me. Has it ever dawned on you how people see color? What is color exactly? Light is reflected from an object or objects sending wavelengths back to us in various colors depending on the degree of light. Look around you. How many colors do you see? Isn’t that interesting, all the colors that exist from varying degrees of light? It makes sense and can also be very strange to think about. Are we all seeing the same shade of blue?

Humans have three types of cones in our eyes allowing us to see red, green, and blue, however, we can see violet and yellow when different mixes of cones get triggered by light. Have you ever met someone color blind? Well, that simply means the cones in their eyes are different and unfortunately can lead to some confusion like putting on a matching pair of socks.

Also, why is it that at certain ages some people become obsessed with a specific color? For me, it was green at age 7. The only color I would wear was green, from head to toe. I wonder what I was trying to express. A therapist who practices chromotherapy may believe green is a relaxing color and is good for the nervous system. This shows that colors can be soothing in ways we don’t even realize.

How does a five year old describe the color pink versus someone sixty? Can colors spark specific memories and emotions? I urge you to think about the colors you surround yourself with. Do they enhance your mood? Do they create a sense of calmness for you? Does it depend on the day? Or are you someone who has always had a connection with one color? Think about it and please let me know in my contact box. I would love to hear about your experience with different colors!

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