Do I have to be skilled at art to be in Art Therapy?


No, you do not have to be “good” at art. Art Therapy is focused around the process of making something rather than the product. I am a trained artist and counselor and will be able to assist you as best I can in any form of artistic expression you would like to embark on. 



Who is it for? 

Art therapy is for everyone! It is a unique type of therapy because it can be used with all ages and in any setting.  


What types of materials are used in Art Therapy? 


Materials vary depending on the individual and the focus of therapy. However, paint, watercolor, markers, colored pencils, pens, string, beads, etc. You can get as creative as you would like or be as simple as a stick figure, there is no right or wrong in therapy. 


What happens to a client’s artwork? 

Clients in therapy always have a choice to take their artwork home or to leave it with me in a safe place. Following termination clients are encouraged to take all of their work home.